ARod Sucking Torrie Wilson’s Neck, Giving Her The Louisville Slugger [PHOTOS]

Imagine being former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson for a minute. Last summer you were just jerking around in life, doing some yoga, maybe traveling and chatting with your 80-90k Twitter followers. Not a bad life, but still pretty much a dead end in the entertainment business. Then, shockingly, Alex Rodriguez decides he’s in the market for a fitness chick with implants. Can you do splits in the sack on Egyptian sheets? Yes? Well, then you’re now dating the Yankees slugger. 

So the big news with these freaks today is that they were jerking around yesterday in Miami where ARod is busy preparing for the 2012 baseball season. Can’t you see the effort from this guy? (Hasn’t hit more than 35 dongs since 2007.) Just rehabbing out of his mind. That’s the thing about poon, it’s been known to cure multiple illnesses in this world.

And knee injuries.

ARod & Torrie Wilson Have Giant Racks [PHOTOS]
ARod & Torrie Wilson Have Giant Racks [PHOTOS]
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