What Alabama & Jets QB Was Getting Hammered Last Night In N.O.?

Of course we have boots on the ground at the BCS and of course we’ve been getting reports on both schools’ partying habits on Bourbon Street. Friday morning we received tips of someone looking like a football player “lighting up something” in the French Quarter streets. Now comes a BC tipster who happened to get into a party where a certain big mouth Alabama & Jets third-string QB was pounding beers last night.

Wait, what the *$%^ is that? Greg McElroy not watching film on the Dolphins, Patriots and Bills. Instead he’s drinking at the BCS festivities? So selfish, Greg. Only thinking about yourself and the Crimson Tide.

Shouldn’t you be holed up somewhere engrossed in the intricacies of the NFL? Beads around the neck? We smell a phony. Smirk of a boozer on his 10th? C’mon McElroy, you can’t possibly think this will go over well with the NY media. Of course you’re under the microscope. You don’t see Mark Sanchez out pounding beers at Milan’s Fashion Week.

So unbecoming, McElroy. But at least the backslapping and chitty-chatty-ness will come in handy during your ESPN career.

Have a BCS party photo we need to see and publish? Send any and all in. We’ll judge if they’re worthy.