ARod & Torrie Wilson Have Giant Racks [PHOTOS]

There are a few definitions for bitch tits, but one of them is the one that involves steroids. We’re not trying to suggest anything that hasn’t been suggested before, but New York Yankees boy toy Alex Rodriguez has some bitch tits.

He’s been strutting around with his new lady, former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. They were in Miami in the past week and, well… let’s just say Wilson looks a hell of a lot better than ARod. And we’re pretending we were a chick when we say that.

Dude has bitch tits. Big mammaries. Breasts.

Breasts than a woman might have. They’re huge and bulbous! At least for a man, especially one that’s a professional athlete.

They’re saggy like those of a 50-year-old woman. We didn’t know ARod was a 50-year-old woman.

So let this be a lesson to you young ballplayers out there. Take roids — get tits like a 50-year-old woman. Sure, if you have enough natural talent, maybe the roids will get you to the next level. Maybe they’ll even get you to the level of starting for the Yanks and making an asinine amount of money each year.

But your bitch tits will not make you Derek Jeter. You will not date Minka Kelly. You’ll be pulling from the C-list. So choose wisely!