Amazing Tebow 3:16 Stats From Broncos-Steelers

By now someone at work has asked you whether you’ve seen the passing yards that Tebow last night. Answer: 316. Haven’t heard that yet today? Do you work at an invalid facility? Let’s get down to business. One of Tebow’s favorite Bible verses is John 3:16. He wore it on his eyeblack a few years ago and it became the most-Googled Bible verse in Internet history. Today people are amazed by how many 3:16 variables were in play last night.

Here’s the growing list: 

Passing yards: 316

Average per pass: 31.6

Roethlisberger threw 2nd Q. INT on 3rd & 16

4th Q. overnight TV rating was a 31.6 (via John Ourand)

Tebow performed 316 circumcisions during 2009 Spring Break*

Do you have another 3:16 to add to this list? Of course we want to update this list because God would appreciate the recognition. Send ’em in.