ALERT: Flying Tim Tebow A 7-1 Underdog At Derby Lane Tonight!

Our hero, Flying Tim Tebow is back on the track tonight at Derby Lane where he’ll move up to the Grade A division tonight in the 10th race. Greyhound racing insider George Quinn emailed us today: “[Flying Tim Tebow] will definately need “Tebow Magic” to win in a top Grade A race 10 tonight at Derby Lane. He is a solid racing greyhound, spending most of his time in the top 2 grades (A and B).”

What are we talking about? Yes, this is real. This dog is just cashing the sh*t out of the greyhound racing circuit. Seriously, you ask? Yes, this is from late December.

George also sent us the program for tonight’s race and the first thing that jumps out is that the track expert is yet another disbelieving douchebag. 4-1-6-8? Seriously, haven’t you learned by now that anything associated with Tebow is cashing right now? Dude just beat the Steelers, was a mammoth underdog and has 3:16 on his side.

Want to watch Flying Tim Tebow race tonight? Of course there is a live broadcast on the Internet. The races last 30 seconds so you should be good at 9:47 to miss a play from the BCS.

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