Alabama Superfan’s Truck Art Includes Tiger Hanging At Gallows [VIDEO]

We’ve profiled this Bama Superfan’s® truck before on BC and figured he just rolled around Tuscaloosa with the same display day after day. Not true. The dude behind the Bama Truck actually redesigned his ride to reflect tonight’s BCS matchup. Ever wanted to see a elephant spanking a tiger? Ever wanted to see an elephant stomping on a tiger?

Ever wanted to see an elephant hanging a tiger at the gallows? We’ve got it right here.

Posted: Jan. 7, 2012

Premise of Video: Bama Superfan, using handicap tags, takes up three spots at a Wal-Mart. Of course a crowd gathers to get a better look at elephants stomping tigers.

Climax of Video: Nothing like gallows humor. Never gets old to us.

Conclusion: Tonight, ESPN, 8:30 we finally conclude this season with one more classic. One fanbase is going to be miserable and we hope that’s Bama. You don’t actually deserve to play in this game and you also don’t deserve to take three parking spots at Wal-Mart. Another year of misery would do you some good.