Michael Gregory Holguin Is A Steelers Fan & Armed Robber [Cuff ‘Em]


There are weeks that go by when checking the Maricopa (AZ) Sheriff Office website is a waste of time. And then there are those home runs that make up for all those worthless fishing expeditions. Today we landed a big fish – Michael Gregory Holguin. Thanks goes out to the sheriff office photographer who knew cropping out the Steelers logo would have left these photos 50% more worthless. True, the tats speak volumes, but in the blogging world that simple logo is gold.

So what’s the story with this Holguin, 31, character besides having a tattoo addiction? How about an armed robbery charge with a deadly weapon. And you guys wonder why we don’t use a real name on these posts. Our asses don’t need any visits by Holguin. We own a Goldendoodle, not a Mastiff.

Via last night’s KPHO broadcast:

A suspected Phoenix robber has been arrested for threatening a person with a gun and stealing a mountain bike, according to police.

According to court paperwork, the victim was robbed on W. Broadway Road in Phoenix on Nov. 21, 2011.

The suspect was described as having numerous unique tribal tattoos on his face, and the victim reportedly identified Michael Gregory Holguin in a police lineup.

Um, so Steelers fan with tribal tats covering his entire face threatened someone with a gun so he could steal a mountain bike? Sounds like a Steelers fan. This is too bad for Holguin. Now he’s going to miss Big Ben vs. Tebow. Baby Jesus vs. The Born Again.

Why will he miss the game in jail? Maricopa County, baby. Tent city doesn’t have Directv.

[Maricopa Sheriff Office Mugshots]

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