Kate Upton Making Out With PBR Championship Trophy [PHOTOS]

In case you missed the ads running on BC, the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) is at Madison Square Garden this weekend for the MSG Invitational which gave the association the chance to bring in some big names for photo-ops. Biggest name in modeling? Kate Upton and she was in attendance.

Said Upton of this makeout session:

This needs to be in my living room! Professional bull riding in my future? Probably…

Bull riding in New York City? Absolutely! Haven’t you ever been to those country bars with the mechanical bulls? This city is full of bull riding fans and bros who like to go to Spain for the Running of the Bulls so this makes total sense to us.

PBR MSG Invitational : CBS Sports Network, Tonight 11 EST & Sun. 2:30 EST NBC

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