Here’s How ARod Thanks Nike For Their Millions – Wears Adidas [PHOTOS]


All eyes are on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez now that he’s dating former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. Although we’re sure he’s used to it, this particular instance may be somewhat unfortunate.

The above photo, with ARod decked out in Adidas gear (pants and shoes!), was snapped in Los Angeles on January 3rd. So what’s the problem?

Last we knew, Rodriguez has a deal with Nike. Now, his lady appears to have some Nike gear on — at least the pants are clearly made by the swoosh. ARod, on the other hand, well… we’d bet that jacket tied around his waist matches his pants and shoes. ARod is the type of dude to coordinate his outfits, after all, isn’t he?

Yes, he is. If you haven’t noticed, he and Torrie did coordinate their bikes. We’re pretty sure they dress like twins sometimes, too. Well, maybe not.

We are pretty sure Nike (if he’s still under contract) would have something to say about the sluggers choice of bike-riding gear, though.

Via Darren Rovell in 2008:

Although Sports Illustrated reported that Rodriguez made an estimated $6 million in endorsements, I’ve heard the real numbers and, trust me, it’s definitely not even a third of that ($2 million) at this point. The bottom line is that Rodriguez once had deals with Pepsi, Kraft and Topps. Those are now gone. He’s pretty much down to Nike and that’s for shoes and batting gloves — not even apparel.

At those numbers, more than 40 athletes in the U.S. make more than A-Rod off the field.

The funny thing is that A-Rod’s Nike deal is actually working out for the best. Dick’s Sporting Goods has exclusive selling rights to the Nike Shox A-Rod. In the past two years, they’ve done two campaigns with the New York Yankees third baseman. And the cleated shoes have sold well, according to the company’s chief marketing officer Jeff Hennion. “We’ve had a good experience with him,” Hennion said.

Our searches for ARod’s current contract status has returned nothing.

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