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Radio Host Gets This Tebow Tattoo After Losing Bet With Caller [PHOTOS]

Denver radio host Mike Evans has a new tattoo thanks to Tim Tebow. The sports-talk host for 104.3 The Fan made a bet earlier this year with a caller that the Broncos would never get to eight wins. The Broncos were 2-4 at the time and Tebowmania had yet to sweep the nation. Evans put a Tebow tat on the line. Well, yesterday was payoff time. As you can see, the tat is a cross between NASCAR and virginity.

According to the 104.3 blog:

“My porcelain skin will be inked for the first time,” Evans proclaimed in December.

Of course Tebow was asked about the tattoo situation in late 2011 and said Evans should “pray about it” because he’d be with that tattoo for a long, long time.

Your move, Bayless.






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