NFL Playoffs: Broncos-Steelers Mayoral Bet Is So F-ing Weak

It’s sure to be the biggest bore out of this weekend’s playoff games. I’m speaking of the Denver Broncos game against the Pittsburgh Steelers that has the Steelers as 8.5-point favorites on the road.

That hasn’t stopped the mayors from the two cities from making what has become an annual tradition this time of year. I speak of course of the stupid, meaningless bet meant to slightly embarrass the politician from the losing city/state and drum up a little feel-good publicity for both pols.

If Denver wins, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will have to wear a Broncos jersey and Tebow in front of a iconic Pittsburgh landmark. If Pittsburgh wins, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock will have to wear a Steelers jersey and wave a Terrible Towel at an event in Denver.

So let’s break this down real quick.

The Broncos have lost three in a row coming into the playoffs. Somebody had to win the AFC West, though and the Raiders managed to shoot themselves in the foot enough to let the Broncos back into the dance. In their final three games, they scored at total of 44 points, while giving up 88.

Golden Boy, Tim Tebow, racked up four interceptions against only one touchdown in his final three games and also lost three fumbles.

The Steelers, meanwhile, were 2-1 in their final three. They outscored opponents 43-39 in those games, with the only bomb coming in a 20-3 loss at San Francisco on December 19. The Steelers also posses the No. 1 ranked defense in the league.

It seems pretty obvious which way this one is going to go. Then again, anything can happen in the playoffs.

The people in Denver had better hope that it’s a miracle.
[Will Denver mayor wear a “Terrible Towel,” will Pittsburgh mayor “Tebow” in public?]

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