LSU Football Players In Live Sex Shop On Bourbon Street? [PHOTOS]

We’ve lightened up this shot of what we believe to be LSU football players in a Bourbon Street live sex shop last night so you can judge for yourself how the players are spending their time in New Orleans. Look, they’re 18 so we could care less what the hell they’re up to in that city. So they want to see some titty and chicks swinging from poles.

Meanwhile the Internet is going nuts over the thought of black dudes wanting to see some ‘tang. Jesus Christ!

Fans on the scene report, via Twitter, that the sign advertises ‘Live Sex Acts.’ It’s either they watch it in person or on the Internet. The benefit of the Internet is that they don’t end up in street fights or anything that could derail an entire team. As long as they aren’t acting like morons and getting arrested, we’re actually all for this.

When is the BCS Championship? The 9th? Still plenty of time for someone to get in a bar fight. This party is just getting started.

[HT: efmetz@MoBeta_ThanU]