Crazy 6-Lane Highway Running Between LeAnn Rimes’ Implants [PHOTOS]

First of all, this is a sports-related story on LeAnn Rimes in a bikini (in Hawaii this week) because she’s playing beach football and in a bikini. Instant blog post. Of course there will be some of you morons who get pissed because you want more Tim Howard goals or stupid tweets from Desmond Howard. But we must address this mess.

Let this be a lesson to all of you child country music stars out there who think Jonesing up & going from small B to small D is a good choice. It’s not.

Just checked, Rimes is 29. Guys, those tits are now beyond repair. Once your chick crosses the line to that make cleav, the mid-30s are going to be brutal. Next thing you know, Rimes will be getting those lips inflated to match her equally disturbing chest.

By the way, solid diving effort. Jets could totally use your go-getter attitude.

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