Cole Vanderbilt Is Biggest High School Basketball Badass We’ve Ever Seen [VIDEO]

So you see #34 in white. That’s Cole Vanderbilt. Looks to be a center on the Connell High School (WA) basketball team. The kid is getting destroyed across America today (front of Yahoo!) for his antics in a December 22 game against some dorkwads from Highland H.S. How crazy have things gotten today? There’s a Facebook page floating around that has phone numbers for Cole and his thug teammate who took part in a couple rough foul calls.

Look, everyone needs to chill out. This is just tough West Coast basketball at it’s finest. Are there a couple of questionable flagrant no-calls? Yes. But this is just video. Do you want to take the game away from the refs and give it to some videographer with a vendetta?

Posted: Dec. 28, 2011

Premise of Video: Vanderbilt & his teammate are being called the dirtiest high school basketball players in the nation. High honors. Everyone gets all bent out of shape over the fat kid dropping some hard fouls. Blah, blah, blah.

Climax of Video: The closeline. Good shit right there.

Conclusion: If some Internet campaign gets Cole kicked off the team we’re going to lose our shit. You people who are all pissed off need to stick to playing Facebook games and stroking your teacup Yorkies.