Kelly Kelly Dominates Dallas Stars’ WAG New Year’s Eve Party [PHOTOS]

At this point it’s nearly impossible to keep track of what WWE Diva is dating professional athletes. Out of the blue we learn that Torrie Wilson is taking A-Rod to meet her family in Boise. Cloon-dog is parading Keibler around the world. Now we find out that Kelly Kelly is dating the Dallas Stars (21-16, 43 pts.) defenseman Sheldon Souray, via a New Year’s party with fellow Stars’ WAGs. This guy scores 250+ points in the NHL and lands Kelly Kelly. Strange world, indeed. 

Our friends at alerted us to Kelly Kelly’s Twitter account where she documented Saturday’s party and her lovely headband.

The current Maxim cover girl tweeted:

Me and my baby and NYE! Hey isn’t that my headband you have on @SSouray


Yes, it’s yours, silly!

Um, we must admit that usually these WAG parties are weak. Not in Dallas. Firepower. Kelly Kelly tweets:

Me and the girls celebrating nye @AnneMarieMorrow @TheHeidiMueller @EricaRene4

Also in attendance was Heidi Mueller (purple) with her boyfriend Eric Nystrom (left wing). She’s been in soap operas, reality series and used to date man slut Mario Lopez. In other words, when the NHL goes to select a team to play in the 2013 Winter Classic it should be Dallas vs. a northern team. You take this kind of WAG firepower and throw it on HBO’s 24/7 and there’s going to be fireworks.

Let’s make it happen, Bettman.

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