Greatest 2012 Bowl Game Nose Picking Video You’ll See All Day


Yesterday we saw this video of Houston interim head coach Tony Levine at his Ticket City Bowl press conference and thought it would be mean to make fun of his daughter Willa for picking her nose. But then cooler heads prevailed and we figured Willa would appreciate us down the road. Look, no shame in Willa pulling that log out of her nostril. No shame in eating it. You probably ate boogers at that age.

Looks like a noodle, time to munch. Get some!

Posted: Fox 4 Houston had this after the game

Premise of Video: Levine just beat Penn State in the biggest game of his career. Logical move is to share this moment with your young daughter. These moments usually end up on the mantle for years to come. Memories.

Climax of Video: Finger goes into nose, pulls out the snot log and it’s go time.

Conclusion: No worries, Willa. You’ll have way more YouTube views than any of the other kids in preschool in a couple years. Might want to get your own Twitter account soon. Never too early to start.

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