Flyers’ Fans Curb Stomping Rangers Fan After Winter Classic [VIDEO]


It’s hard to believe it took this long for a video of a Rangers fan getting knocked the f*ck out at the Winter Classic to surface. Thanks to the bros at Barstool we get a look at a solid ass stomping outside Geno’s where Rangers fans probably shouldn’t have been in line for cheesesteaks. Look, you’re extra stupid if you are wearing a Rangers sweater in this neighborhood.

Never been? Wear a Rangers jersey into this neighborhood and report back. It’s not pretty.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: The Flyers just lost the Winter Classic in a shootout. Of course tensions are high. Of course everyone is drunk. Of course these meatheads want to exact revenge. They’d only been looking forward to this game for 11-12 months.

Climax of Video: #24 decides it’d be smart to go help his buddy who’s getting his ass kicked. Totally the wrong decision in this case.

Conclusion: The police commissioner will hold a press conference saying how the city will not tolerate such violence. You think #24 missed any work after that KO? We’d be out at least 6-8 weeks. Nobody is getting a look at that eye. First thing they’d do is ask if the KO is on YouTube. Would lose so much street cred at the job it wouldn’t even be funny.

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