Drunken Mark Cuban & Notre Dame Nose Tackle In Miami On New Year’s [PHOTOS]

While the douchebags at Around the Horn are debating whether Mark Cuban is right about the NBA being jerkoffs for not scheduling them into Washington D.C. to visit the Prez, we were investigating reports of Mark in Miami for New Year’s. What we know is that Cuban was hammered (or just looked that way) at Wet Bar Miami, according to those in attendance, including a Notre Dame nose tackle.

Frosted Flakes shirt on New Year’s for a 53-year-old-man? Ok.

The guy (upper right) with his shirt unbuttoned because Miami chicks like rosey cheek ND footballers showing chest, is nose tackle Sean Cwynar. He’s listed as a junior and saw playing time in the Champs Bowl. It just happened that he was still in Miami for the New Year’s celebration and went home with this souvenir.

The rest of the bros? No idea and it doesn’t matter. The story here is that Mark Cuban was just getting hammered at some Miami club on New Year’s, leaving commoners with stories for their grandchildren.


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Newspaper: Baron Davis Out With Herniated Dick [PHOTO]
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