The $44,000 Wisconsin Rose Bowl Halftime Bet [PHOTO]

So our friends at sent word last night that conspiracy theorists are trying to figure out if this Rose Bowl gambling ticket is legitimate. Would someone actually place $44k on a halftime bet? Sure. But is the ticket even legit? Would an Ohio State fan who works at a Las Vegas casino be financially able to place such a huge bet? Is this the handy work of a Photoshop artist looking to make an Internet splash?

Here’s how the bet works in layman’s terms:

• You’re only betting on the 2nd half, hence the 15:55 timestamp.

• Game tied 28-28 at half. Casinos set new line for 2nd half.

• Gambler is taking Wisky and the 3.5 points in 2nd half. Forget any points scored in 1st half.

Oregon wins 2nd half 17-10

• Gambler loses $44,000 bet

Yes, it’s probably a little confusing to those who’ve never wasted money betting football games. But to a guy who sees Wisconsin keeping the game close, he’s taking the +3.5 and figuring the Rose Bowl comes down to a field goal with both teams trading touchdowns.

Michael Iberis is the guy who posted this ticket to Facebook. He’s from Ohio. Claims to be an Ohio State grad. Claims to work at South Point Casino sportsbook. Claims to also work at Rehab at the Hard Rock.

How legitimate is the ticket? Michael claims he still has the ticket (could have been left on a floor for all we know). Maybe it really is his and he was chasing. Maybe one of his South Point customers let him snap a photo of it. Everything is still a mystery besides the fact that someone lost a new car thanks to an inept Wisky defense.