Snaggletooth Shows Fellating Skills At Cardinals-Seahawks [VIDEO]

Seriously, give us two good reasons anyone should have been at the Cardinals-Seahawks game on Sunday besides owning season tickets and drinking with buddies. The Red Zone Channel even refused to show the game until the worthwhile games were finished. Ahh, but there was action – in the stands. Meet Snaggletooth. She’s hammered and with a girlfriend.

She’s also deep-throating a Mick Ultra bottle for some YouTuber.

Posted: Jan. 1, 2012

Premise of Video: The vlogger goes above and beyond to get Snaggletooth to recreate her fellating skills on this beer bottle. He seems to be a natural, even asking her to look up at the camera. Boss move.

Climax of Video: We’ll go with “He signed a waiver.”

Conclusion: She’s going to be emailing us bitching about copyright, I was tricked, I was drunk, I will press charges, etc. by Friday.