Ronaldo’s WAG Irina Shayk Shedding Clothes For Esquire UK [PHOTOS]

The WAG of WAGs, Irina Shayk, also known as Cristiano Ronaldo’s fiancee is baring her gorgeous body again for our enjoyment.

Shayk will appear in the pages of next month’s Esquire UK. Shayk will grace the cover of the magazine’s February issue and, of course, they were smart enough to throw some photos of her inside as well.

And guess what? They’ve released some of them and frankly, if we lived in the UK, we’d probably want to go out and buy the issue. Our porno tapes are getting a little old, you know?

As for Ronaldo, he’s off being his controversial self.

At the end of December he spoke at an international sports conference in Dubai and told the audience Spain’s La Liga is superior to the English Premier League, long thought to be the best soccer league in the world.

Ronaldo currently plays for La Liga power Real Madrid, but started his career with Manchester United in the EPL.

“I follow the Portuguese championship, but I prefer the English Premier League, where I learnt the elementary basic rules of football, especially discipline. But the Spanish league is exceptional. It relies more on personal and technical skills.

“I believe that La Liga is the best league worldwide, although I spent six years in the UK. Both championships are completely different to one another on technical levels,” Ronaldo said.

While we know La Liga is great, particularly with Ronaldo in Madrid and Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona, that’s a tough case to state.

Of course, we’re not here to debate La Liga versus EPL. We’re here to look at a hot broad. So let’s do that.

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