Michigan Homer Desmond Howard Reacts To Urban Meyer OSU Twitter Ban

Yes, Urban Meyer’s first order of business as the Ohio State football coach was to ban his players from having Twitter accounts. Boom – over. Done. No need to say your Twitter account was hacked or be friends with drug dealers. No need to have social media accounts where bad sh*t happens on an hourly basis. And of course Desmond Howard baited his Michigan brethren into commenting.

TE Jake Stoneburner’s final tweet:

Twitter=Done. Me=back for senior year, leading this team, and shocking the world!! #gobucks #12-0

WR Evan Spencer:

This is my last day on twitter….

Meanwhile, Senior OL Michael Brewster isn’t going anywhere, according to this exchange with Columbus sports radio reporter Lori Schmidt.

@LoriSchmidt yup! Free man—freedom of speech lol to a certain extent that is

But let’s go back to Desmond for the last word. Wait, he’s just commenting on Dhani Jones commenting on Urban Meyer’s Twitter ban? Dog, seriously? Baiting? Bro, you’re better than that. Seriously.