Is Oregon Cheerleader Stephanie Essin The Next Erin Andrews? [PHOTOS]

Going through our normal post-Rose Bowl procedures, we came across news that doesn’t come as a big shock to us. Oregon cheerleader Stephanie Essin, journalism major, wants to become the next great TV reporter/personality, which we assume means the next Erin Andrews. She’s 20, has ambition, is modeling, has a great Twitter personality and just might be the next great sideline reporter to come out of Eugene.

Her resume? It’s growing: Stephanie interviewing a Eugene hipster about his music studio.

Here’s what we know right now about the sideline reporting world. Oregon keeps pumping out talent. Remember Katelynn Johnson? What about the legendary UO cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad? Both have moved on post-Eugene to gigs with Fox Sports.

In fact, our researchers tell us that Oregon is currently tied with Florida (Jenn Brown & Erin Andrews) in the sideline reporter wars with two each.

Essin’s Next Erin Andrews Resume:

• Decent last name for memory purposes. Easy to spell.

• Blonde

• Cheerleader

• Has already met Fowler, Herbie, Musburger (we think) & Corso

• Works in TV for Oregon student station

• Has modeling career

• Negative: Needs to tweet more often @StephyEssin

• Positive: Called some guy on Twitter a “dick.”

• Really, really loves Erin Andrews

Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: 6 months after graduation

Expert Analysis: We’re proud of this find. Essin, given the proper recognition from SI’s Jimmy Traina, the blogs, etc. should be able to become a superstar in 2012. BC needs her to increase her Twitter presence, maybe mixing it up a little bit with bloggers (wink: @bustedcoverage). About as big of a shoe-in to ‘make it’ as we’ve seen in the past 12 months.

Have a ‘Next Erin Andrews’ candidate that we need to see and analyze? Let the experts here at BC know and we’ll investigate.

[@StephyEssin]  [Stephanie Essin – ISO Connection]