Wisconsin Coach Picking Nose, Eating It At Rose Bowl [VIDEO]

With about 4:00 to go in the first quarter this Wisconsin coach got his time to shine at the Rose Bowl. Cameras everywhere. Sky Cams. Sideline cams. Blimp cams. Everywhere! It’s not that we’re against picking a snot ball out of the schnoz in the biggest game of your life. But eating it? Yes, we said eating it.

Wisky coach takes a look and decides to start chowing right there on national TV. Sorry, bro.

Posted: As quick as we could possibly get the job done

Premise of Video: You get the idea. Coach has a clogged nose, starts digging and gets him some first quarter grub on.

Climax of Video: Finger….to….mouth.

Conclusion: Worst moment of his life right on national TV…and he’s married! Wait until the team watches this back in Madison.

[HT: @Aaron__Jones]

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