Video Of Florida Chick Getting Knocked Out At Gator Bowl

Earlier we showed you the Florida Gators chick catching some sleep on the UF sidelines post-collision with OSU QB Braxton Miller. Now comes the video. At first we thought she was just faking an injury to get a 15-yard late-hit penalty but then she just kinda lays there. How’s she doing? Not sure.

Matt The Capper failed to give us an update. He’s a Florida grad so we left that job to him.

Posted: Jan. 2, 2011

Premise of Video: Florida chick gets KO’d by OSU QB Braxton Miller because she couldn’t read and react fast enough at the Gator Bowl.

Climax of Video: Yeah, she probably hit her head on that equipment crate.

Conclusion: OSU lost, meaning they lost seven games in a season for the first time since 1897. Sky is the limit for Urban Meyer.


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