Here’s Flying Tim Tebow Winning A Greyhound Race [VIDEO]

Remember what we said about cashing in on the Tim Tebow craze. You come up with a Tebow-related marketing angle and the money will start flowing. Take the case of Flying Tim Tebow, a greyhound racing out of Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida. By chance we came across this dog and what do you know, Flying Tim Tebow is cashing winning tickets for Florida dog gamblers.

Of course we’ve tracked down video. Of course the track announcer is fantastic.

Flying Tim Tebow Data:

• Father is Flying Stanley


• Born 10-20-2008

• Paid $5.20 to win last Wednesday night in victory

• Owned by McAllister Kennel

Paid $7.20 to win on Nov. 28

Flying Tebow owner holding a trophy (not Flying Tebow in pic)

Posted: By us an hour ago

Premise of Video: Here is Flying Tim Tebow on Dec. 28, 2011 coming out of the 3-hole at Derby Lane. Notice who’s quickest out of the gate and leads wire to wire. Video quality complaints can be sent to Derby Lane. Not our issue.

Climax of Video: Tebow Time!

Conclusion: Of course we’re efforting photos of Flying Tim Tebow via the McAllister Kennel. If one of you is with the McAllister family and wants to drop a couple of pics of Tebow in the winner’s circle, that would be nice of you.

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