WAGs Of The Winter Classic: Marie-Pier Morin & Olivia Munn [57 PHOTOS]


What’s the biggest news out of the 2012 Winter Classic besides the 50-degree temps and the likelihood that the ice at Citizens Bank Park will be slush? How about the 1-2 WAG force the NY Rangers bring to the Classic behind LW Brandon Prust & C Brad Richards. Prust has been flaunting French import Marie-Pier Morin on HBO’s 24/7 while Richards has turned into a tabloid célébrité thanks to his burgeoning relationship with G4’s Olivia Munn.

We started to research this project and figured out pretty quickly that this Winter Classic WAG-off was pretty one-sided. Sure, we could throw some random WAG from the Flyers into the fray but it wouldn’t even be fair. Munn’s legacy is pretty well documented, while Marie-Pier is starting to gain traction within the hockey establishment via her growing gallery of French TV appearances.

But it was this week’s 24/7 that sent Internet observers into a frenzy because she was skating with Prust while wearing some furry hat and looking like she just stepped out of Vogue. (24/7 Episode 3 – follow directions to watch.)

Sure, there are a couple of random cute chicks floating around the Flyers & Rangers WAG private boxes, but let’s remain focused on these two chicks that are about to dominate 2012 WAG-dome via Monday’s game. You’ve been warned, NBC. Gratuitous shots, please.

[Winter Classic – Monday, Jan. 2,  1 p.m. –  NBC]  [@NHL]

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