Paulina Gretzky Christmas Card Twitter Drama; Photographer Emails BC


So earlier this week we innocently asked why the Gretzkys were acting so hard in their Christmas card and a day later the Toronto Star picks up the story and runs with it. One thing leads to another and Canadians are comparing the Gretzkys to the Kardashians and eventually leads to Paulina Gretzky – once again – in a Twitter drama.

Then we open the inbox this morning and the Gretzky Christmas card photographer is emailing us.

L.A. stud photographer Ryan Phillips wrote, “in case you wanted to see the real thing…,” in reference to the Christmas card photos he shot for Janet Gretzky.

So here is the real photo / the photo as it is manipulated for the holiday card ( i.e the snow) / the gate-fold cover of the dog / and the alternate shot that we didn’t use. Almost every shot I took has the family laughing and smiling and having a good time however the concept of the card was to have their dog Louie on the front and open to a Burberry Ad-esque (moody) shot of the family with snow. It was meant for a close friends and family and the obvious A-List celebs that they are associated with. It does not go out to that many people and wasn’t meant for public consumption. Every year we do a different concept and have a lot of fun with it. Shoots like these are fairly common in L.A. although this was a full commercial production in order to pull off the concept.

We’re not going to post the Christmas card photo again because Ryan was actually nice enough to email us a link and deserves the traffic. Of course this wasn’t some grand attempt to start drama with the Gretzkys. We just wondered why they had to be so hard in the pic. Now that we learn this was going out to their friends, it makes much more sense.

Which brings us to the question of why powerful L.A. families have to be so hard in Christmas cards? Does acting ‘hard’ equal power and more money than other ‘hard’ families? Does ‘hard’ equal style? We’re just idiots from Ohio that take Christmas cards in stupid Santa hats in front of rivers and trees, not stages.

And what family wants to see their rich family members acting like hardos? Just imagine being the family member who works in a factory – like a dog – 60 hours a week so the boys can play travel hockey. You open the mail and it just happens that Wayne sent the Christmas card. You open the ‘Burberry Ad-esque’ card and see a family acting hard.

Exactly how ‘hard’ do you think factory-worker Gretzky family member thinks you are? Like four hour modeling shoots are ‘hard.’

Again, it’s not that we’re going to stop looking at Wayne’s daughter because she’s a Kardashian spinoff. It’s not that we’ll stop wondering about the alleged gambling ring Janet Gretzky was alleged to have been running. We’re intrigued.

But maybe next year the family can put together a Christmas card where they act like real humans. Maybe wear some jeans and head to the nearest ski slope to where there’s real snow. Find a stack of wood. Sit the little kids on the pile. Put the dog in Paulina’s arms. Wayne and Janet put a hand on the kid’s shoulders.

Rack this up as a major disaster and tell Paulina to just upload cleav and ass shots. The rest of us know we’re inferior. Stop reminding us.

[Ryan Phillips – The Gretzky Holiday Card]  [@PaulinaGretzky]

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