Kevin Durant’s Amazing Buzzer Beater From Last Night [VIDEO]

Look, we hate the NBA. Like deep down hatred for a sport that starts in November and ends in mid-June with long stretches of stars going down with mysterious toe injuries and two games per week. However, BC is feeling vulnerable this year thanks to a 66-game schedule and the antics of one Kevin Durant.

The guy had 1.4-seconds last night to launch a prayer against the Mavs. Of course he made it and we suddenly got an NBA woody.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Dallas was down 101-99 with 3 seconds to go, but Vince Carter drilled a triple to take the lead. Of course a timeout was taken, which means the ball automatically gets moved across halfcourt for the in-bounds play. Of course we hate this about the NBA, but can go with it for moments like Durant drilling this winner.

Climax of Video: Just watch those white people lose their shit. And it’s not even January.

Conclusion: Being swayed game by game. If we could get the season down to a 40-game shootout it would be damn near the perfect sport. Three games a week. Wrap this shit up in no time. Play the season from Christmas to April 1. Then three playoff rounds of five games. Done before Memorial Day.

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