A-Rod’s New Girlfriend Is Torrie Wilson [PHOTOS]


Alex Rodriguez is dating Torrie Wilson. Let me repeat that, Alex Rodriguez is dating former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. Didn’t sink in? AROD IS DATING Torrie Wilson, a chick who used to make out with chicks on the USA Network during Raw broadcasts. Can you say the New York tabloids just hit an off-season home run? Holy Christ, this guy is the gift that keeps on giving. How are we so sure? Oh, ARod was spotted in Boise.

Torrie’s from Boise.

The NY Daily News is out this morning with a report, via an encounter with ARod had by a Boise evening news anchor at a gym, that indeed ARod is traveling around the country with Torrie Wilson.

Boise TV news anchor Mike Murad told the Daily News he was at Axiom Fitness Monday when the top-paid player in Major League Baseball walked in with Wilson, a retired World Wrestling Entertainment star.

Murad said he asked if he could take a photo, but A-Rod declined, saying, “I’m trying to keep a low profile.”

He said Rodriguez and Wilson didn’t workout together, but left the together in a pickup truck.

Of course Murad didn’t mention anything about Wilson in his live tweeting of the encounter. There’s also news that Wilson and ARod vacationed together before Christmas with Cloon-dog and Stacey Keibler. Via Wilson’s Twitter account, we know she was in Idaho on December 21.

What does it all mean? Not much expect that ARod is dating a chick with 100k Twitter followers thanks to her days of showing cleav on Raw. It’s a great storyline for us bloggers, the Post & Daily News and TMZ. Dude must be in love if he’s spending Christmas in Idaho.

Not us.

[A-Rod in sleeper hold of ex-Playboy centerfold and model Torrie Wilson]

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