53 BCS Superfan Team Tattoos

You know why your team isn’t playing in the BCS? Two things: they’re not very good and/or your school’s fan base sucks balls. That’s just facts, homeboys. You don’t think Michigan should be playing in the Sugar Bowl? Michigan State got hosed? Kansas State was robbed? Folks, Michigan brings better TV ratings and more ticket sales to N.O. And KSU, face it, you’re not traveling. There is also the tattoo factor.

The more tats your team has on the Internet, the more BCS games you’ll play in over a 20-year-period, according to unscientific BC research.

Can’t stand West Virginia? Start out tatting them. Nothing says ‘My ass will be in Miami for the Orange Bowl,’ like getting WVU on your shoulder. You wonder why a decent Boise team doesn’t play in BCS at-large games after losing to TCU? Your school isn’t backed by a billionaire. T. Boone will have his boys in the BCS for years. Bank it.

Your move, college football fan. Tat up!