Taking Date To Giants-Cowboys Could Cost You $10,000


The New York Giants will meet the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium Sunday night in a battle for the NFC East title and the right to lose a first-round playoff game and it’s starting to look like the hottest ticket of the year.

Tickets on Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange currently range from $191-$10,000 a pop. Oh, and you’ll get to pay a bunch of idiotic courtesy fees and such if you want those too. The $10,000 tickets on the Ticket Exchange appear to be a joke, whether they’re meant to be or not — they’re located in section 314, row 18, which is at the top of the joint. Unless there’s a luxury box up there, something’s wrong.

Still, there are several lower-level tickets on Ticket Exchange going for $6,000 a piece. For that price you can sit in section 113, row 14, which will put you right on the 50 on the Giants’ sideline. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to yell obscenities at Tony Romo from there.

At StubHub, tickets top out at $5,000. For that price, you can sit in section 115, which is around the 35-yard line. The current low price at StubHub is $199, which will get you a seat on the side in the top deck.

Meanwhile, the New York Post says brokers are selling tickets for a top level of $7,000 and the game could surpass the most expensive average ticket price of the season.

The average asking price for the 8:30 p.m. clash was $484.98 last night — and could soon surpass the season-high $492.66 generated by the 49ers-Steelers game on Monday, Dec. 19.

The Post also says suites are going for $25,000 each.

So let’s do a little math here. Say you and your lady just want to get into the game.

  • $383 for a pair shitty tickets
  • $50 (approximately) for ticket fees and taxes
  • $50 (approximately) for parking
  • $40 for four beers
  • $20.00 for a couple hot dogs

Total: $543.00

For that, you’re better off sitting on your couch where it’s warm.
[Giants-Cowboys tix reaching $7,000]

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