Michael Jordan’s Plane Is In Virgin Islands Without Him [Flight Tracker]

Michael Jordan is engaged, this we know. Jordan popped the question to Yvette Prieto on Christmas and on Tuesday morning he didn’t jump in Air 1 and didn’t take off from Miami for the Virgin Islands. There’s been wild speculation that the couple was celebrating their engagement on the French Riviera, which would be impossible since MJ was sitting with Cam Newton during last night’s Heat-Bobcats game in Charlotte. But we do know his insane jet is in the Virgin Islands.

Using FlightAware and the tail numbers on his plane, we know that the Carolina baby blue Gulfstream is currently sitting at Cyril E King airport in the Virgin Islands.

We repeat, without Jordan.

The plane left south Florida on Tuesday and is still sitting in the Virgin Islands. We’re reiterating this so that news stations, like WCNC that first reported the Jordan engagement news, can stop with silly blog reports of a French Riviera rendezvous.

But it does kinda make us wonder what’s up with the plane being in the Caribbean. That’s Jordan’s baby. Hopefully Prieto decided to take herself to the islands for some proper engagement pampering and the paparazzi bikini shots start arriving later this evening. Maybe Jordan caught a separate flight south this morning.

We’ll be waiting, just updating our FlightAware link like a meth fiend scratching scabs. Diligently.


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