Former Va. Tech Swimmer Juliana Daniell Now Bikini Fitness Pro! [PHOTOS]


We’ve been mesmerized by the bodybuilding circuit’s bikini contestants ever since discovering that Denise Milani is competing in these higher-class versions of Hooters bikini contests. Between the bronzer, implants, ridiculous bikinis and the white teeth, our minds have been going nuts thinking of storylines you idiots would be cool with. And then she came out of nowhere. Juliana Daniell.

Did we read that right? She was a Virginia Tech swimmer?

Look, we understand it takes some sort of sporting skill to walk in heels, stand on a taped ‘x’ and make turns. It also takes physical skills to train your body to look muscular, yet sexy. That’s why these women are called bikini fitness pros. Makes sense, right?

But most of them seem like chicks who seem to have been hooked by their ‘roided boyfriends and now the couples drink protein shakes and shave each other down the night before competitions. Will we get our asses kicked for kinda making fun of bodybuilding couples? Probably.

Anyway, back to Ms. Daniell. She was a freestyle swimmer during the mid-2000s for the Hokies. Totally legit. We even have her Va. Tech profile pics so you can see what a bikini pro used to look like back in college. You probably have the same impression as us. Cute, but nothing screaming, ‘Her ass will be insane come 2011.’

But there it is. That ass was 8th at the 2011 Olympia competition and 3rd at the World Championships. And the rack, what can we possibly say about the rack that hasn’t already been conjured up in your brain?

Our fascination with pro bikini model racks rolls along and let’s face it, Milani is out and Daniell is in. We’re riding that ass all the way to the 2012 Olympia Bikini Pro championship.

Go Hokies!

[Juliana Daniell – Facebook]  [Juliana Daniell – Muscle & Fitness Blog]

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