Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Destiny Newton Remains Mysterious [PHOTOS]

In Euro sports leagues Destiny Newton would be splashed across tabloids & the subject of great interest to millions of sports fanatics. In the U.S., she’s unknown. A search on Twitter results in zero mentions. Meanwhile, this is the girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback who is putting together two of the greatest back-to-back NFL seasons in football history. How is it possible for a Super Bowl champion QB’s girlfriend to remain so quiet? No idea, but that may soon change.

Destiny Newton once told a San Diego magazine that’s she’s a “hard-drinking, fly-fishing nature girl from Northern California (Chico) who’d rather be riding horses outside than a mechanical bull in a nightclub.” Rodgers is also from Chico. Her drink of choice: Jack Daniels. On the rocks!

That was August 2010.

By January of this year she was headed to the Super Bowl with her father to watch Rodgers win the Super Bowl and MVP. A couple months later the two were photographed on vacation and the Internet reacted accordingly. The two have yet to be seen at a public event together. As we reported in October, the two traveled to Nashville in October to party with Aaron’s brother for Halloween.

Destiny was at an August Packers game with her sister. That is the only game she’s known to have attended this year.

Our question here is ‘How can Destiny Newton be such an anomaly in the WAG business?’ She’s using a photo of her and Aaron taken in early December as her Facebook avatar. Let’s just cut the crap, the Internet needs Rodgers to unleash this hard-drinkin’ chick.

Kinda begging over here.

Of course BC understands that this chick is a huge distraction during the season. Just imagine bar night with a chick that hammers Jack on the rocks. Green Bay isn’t exactly the best place for her in the winter. But the playoffs are coming up. We expect Fox cameras to be trained on the Rodgers’ box. We expect Destiny to maybe slam a few Jacks on camera.


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