Former LFL Cornerback Danielle Moinet Now Trolling As FCW Valet [Photos & Video]

Oh, how the mighty have fallen… or risen… or something.

Former Lingerie Football League cornerback Danielle Moinet is now serving as a wrestling valet in the FCW, which stands for Florida Championship Wrestling. The FCW is apparently a developmental league for the WWE.

Moinet, who was a former LFL All-Star and team captain for the Chicago Bliss, appeared as a valet forĀ Abraham Washington in her latest gig. If you’re unfamiliar with professional wrestling parlance, that means she’s a hot chick that stands next to a dude who wrestles. She’s apparently being groomed as a diva.

We haven’t watched wresting since The Macho Man was kicking asses, but we believe that can mean doing anything from standing next to a dude looking good, being a manager of some sort or actually getting in the ring.

Hey, who doesn’t like a catfight? I’ll tell you who — no one.

In her FCW debut, Moinet, who’s been given the role of Washington’s lady friend, stood next to him while he was blathering on about one of his foes. Her one line of the evening was finishing what we believe to be Washington’s catch phrase — Because if it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make sense!

You can catch this great moment in sports entertainment history a little over two minutes into this video.

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