Drew Brees Thanks Equipment Managers For Rubbing His Balls [VIDEO]

Bloggers this morning are choking on the Drew Brees post-game speech he gave after breaking Dan Marino’s single-season yardage record in a win over the Falcons. Look, the speech was great and all but there were two takeaways from this one. First, Saints owner Tom Benson is still a complete asshole.

Second, Brees never forgets the little behind-the-scenes guys like the equipment managers who rub down his balls, getting them warm for some action.


Posted: Last night by BC’s Matt The Screencapper

Premise of Video: You thinking what we’re thinking? That big black guy to the right of Brees is swinging a giant hog? Holy sh*t! Third leg just chillin’ out and listening to Drew wax poetic about ‘The Journey.’

Climax of Video: Here comes Tom Benson to ruin the f-ing speech. Get outta the way, asshole.

Conclusion: We made sure to watch twice for complete locker room dong coverage. Nothing NSFW. You’re safe.

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