Boss Move: Mark Cuban Sweating All Over Dallas Media Before Heat-Mavs

We’d read earlier this year that Mark Cuban had this weird way of getting ready for a Mavs basketball game, especially during the 2011 NBA Finals. The guy literally gets on a stair climber and gets in a workout. Oh, & because he’s a showman, Cuban also allows the media in to ask questions. Take this Sunday. There was Cubes, 30 minutes before showtime on his stair climber, catching the end of the Celtics-Knicks and just showering the Dallas media with billionaire sweat.

Some guy on Twitter named John D. (@Dsportsnation) seems to have a media credential and in the media mix so just go with this. He is live tweeting pretty much everything going on re: Cuban and the Mavs. To our joy, John uploaded this shot on Sunday.

35 minutes till the banner raises mavs fans!!!

Which was followed by the above photo.

Mark cuban is ready to rock and roll!!!!!!

Who among us hasn’t been on a stair climber? You know what happens after about 10 minutes on those beasts. You work up a lather. Cubes isn’t getting on that climber just so it can be a prop. Dude is trying to cut any extra pounds he can before the boss steps in front of a world-wide audience. Draining a few of those microbrews before standing at center court to receive his NBA championship trophy.

Sweat has to be just flying into the face of ‘Tim’ from some stupid Mavs blog at the Morning News.

Egocentric? Yes, and BC loves it. Do you know who owns the Minnesota Timberwolves? Same here.



…And The Value Of Our Cam Newton BCS Pants Keeps Rising…[Morning Twitpic]
…And The Value Of Our Cam Newton BCS Pants Keeps Rising…[Morning Twitpic]
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