WAGs Aida Yespica & Claudia Galanti Miami Bikini Box Set [73 PHOTOS]


We leave Matt The Screencapper by himself this weekend and wouldn’t you know it his head is squarely up the ass of the NFL and ridiculous college bowl games. Meanwhile, WAGs Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti are STILL hanging on Miami Beach. These broads might as well get citizenship. Out of 26 days this month there have probably been 3 days they haven’t been on the beach.

Guess who was in a bikini for Christmas? Galanti. A blue one. Today seemed like a good one to build a compilation post and honor these two for showing U.S. women how a WAG should act on a beach. Skimpy bikinis, wedge the crack and even drop a few nip slips here and there.

How dedicated are these two to Miami Beach? We can’t even find a useful Twitter account from these two. Just laying there all day without jerking around on Twitter, eating exotic fruit and adjusting their thongs. They made a huge push for Hottest Chicks Of 2011 glory only to be denied by Kate Upton. Sorry ladies, try harder next time. Maybe kiss each other. Date an American athlete. Something.

How To Tell Yespica & Galanti Apart:

• Yespica no chest freckles

• Galanti has chest freckles

• Yespica smokes

• Galanti’s implants have a six-lane highway running between the mountains

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