Old Coot Canadian Mall Santa Popped For Public Intox [Cuff ‘Em]


Bad day for Cuff ‘Em since we’re left with scumbags stealing Christmas gifts and Troy Smith getting arrested in downtown Cleveland on Christmas Eve. Instead, we turn our attention to Canada where some 73-year-old mall Santa was so hammered that the usually relaxed Canadian cops actually had to arrest the bro. Imagine being a human actually living in Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s 7+ hours from civilization (i.e. NHL hockey in Winnipeg). Getting drunk is just livin’ life for Santa.

Via the Canadian Press:

A Santa at Cornwall Centre, a downtown Regina shopping mall, was slurring his speech and stumbling Friday morning before he was led away by staff, then arrested by police for being drunk.

Rahil Ahmad, who works in a kiosk near Santa’s chair, said the same man in the red suit was also visibly inebriated on Thursday night. Ahmad said the mall Santa was saying his ho-ho-hos strangely and parents were looking him over warily.

Regina police spokeswoman Lara Guzik said officers arrested a 73-year-old man at the mall about 11:20 a.m. Friday morning for public intoxication. She said no charges have been laid.

Crazy f-ing bender that was. So old dude gets to the mall on Thursday & is drunk. Shows up Friday morning and is still drunk? Boss move if we’ve ever heard one from a Santa.

Most horrible job on Earth? Kids with snot rolling out of their noses hacking germs all over your beard. Little kids with shit in their shorts rambling on about getting iPods. Hot moms who look at you like you’re a total loser for being a mall Santa. Rough life.

At least Regina Claus can go back to his apartment life and drink in peace with GBV.

[Tipsy Santa arrested for public intoxication at Regina mall]

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