Jill Martin: Best NBA Sideline Reporter Boobs [PHOTOS]


Look, Jill Martin’s face isn’t getting any younger, but that rack somehow manages to stay as lovely as ever. It was just 25 days ago that we introduced you to the Knicks MSG ‘features’ sideline reporter and the rack is still holding together nicely from what we can see yesterday in Miami. Usually 25 days for a chick of Jill’s age (what, late 30s) is like an eternity. All hell can break loose. But there the rack was, in shape.

Hands down best sideline reporter rack in the NBA and this is coming from a site that last week reintroduced you to the Suns new social media sideline reporter Kayte Christensen. Probably 1-2 in the NBA.

Just look at how that Martin cleavage engulfs that necklace. Perfectly placed between the sisters as if she bought it with that purpose. Of course the emails will start pouring in. ‘Bro, that face is a complete mess. Nice rack can’t make up for it.’ Blah, blah, blah.

Strictly a Best Rack contestant. If you guys want to start a ‘Hottest NBA Sideline Reporter’ contest then you better begin sending in photos and names.


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