Jets-Giants Fan Fight Includes Curb Stomping, KO! [VIDEO]


Holy shit there was some good action at Jets-Giants on Saturday at the Meadowlands. (Don’t bother us with MetLife emails, morons.) The Jets season pretty much crumbled with this loss – playoff scenarios are pretty bleak for Sexy Rexy – but at least the fans left us with one of the more memorable fan fights of 2011.

You have to see Revis fan absolutely destroying Giants fan with a variety of knee and kick combos that drops Stu like a sack of potatoes.

Superior fan fighting.

Posted: 3 hours ago

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) New York Jets Fan Knocks Down a Giant Fan.” Um, let’s be honest about this one. It’s more than just Jets fan knocking down Giants fan. Dude gets KOed. Lights out. Bring an ambulance. Concussion syndrome.

Climax of Video: Stick with this one. Lights out at the :30 mark.

Conclusion: How many times do we need to preach to you fan fight video combatants. You cannot fight a guy 1-2 rows above you. Must be on same row for a legal fight. Otherwise your reach advantage is reduced to nothing and you take knees and feet to your face. Learn it, live it. Giants fan probably had a rough Christmas Day explaining to mom what happened to his face.

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