Bears D-Bag Just Jealous Aaron Rodgers Keeps Dropping TDs [VIDEO]


Now that we’re a part owner of the Green Bay Packers its our duty to think that Bears fan is the scum of the Earth and pretty much just failed abortions. Just look at Urlacher douchebag in his Sox throwback hat middle fingering Aaron Rodgers for – once again – launching three two-yard TD passes and two others before the slaughter was over. Should have picked up Donovan McNabb, bro.

Oh well, another NFC Central title and another run to the Super Bowl.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: You get the picture, another loser from Chicago spent his entire family’s Christmas fund money on great seats at Lambeau only to see Lance Briggs and Peppers get hammered by Aaron Rodgers. Broken record, eh Bears fan?

Climax of Video: Finger!

Conclusion: Enjoy waiting it out until Spring Training.

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