Today In Tebow: Avalanche Tebow Jersey, A Tebow Jersey Tat & Granny Tebowing


Just making our normal rounds on the Twitter photo search and look what we have here via @HerrDoggo. Total bro move by both parties, the guy wearing the jersey and from Herr Doggo snapping while Tebow was at a urinal. What else do we have two days before Baby Jesus does his thing? Ever see a Tebow jersey tattoo? And on a black guy’s arm? That’s like a white guy 6’1″ being able to dunk. Unlikely.

The big news this week for Tebowmania is the weather. How will Baby Jesus handle the cold and blustery conditions in Buffalo, a must-win for the Broncos.Via the Denver Post:

“I’ve never worn sleeves, but I’ve been wearing sleeves in practice this week to try to get used to that,” Tebow said. “I won’t wear a glove, maybe on my right hand, but not on my (left) hand. I don’t plan to, anyway.”

“He’s practiced out here for almost two years now, so I think he’s had his share of inclement weather,” Broncos coach John Fox said. “I don’t foresee that being a problem.”

The forecast for tomorrow’s game in Buffalo? 35 and flurries.

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