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Michael Jordan 11 Concord Violence [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Merry Christmas, fool. So there was this big release last night at midnight for Michael Jordan’s new shoes, Concords. That meant street thugs, whitey, gangbangers and ever other form of punk you could think of broke away from his/her video game marathon to hit the mall. Then all hell broke loose. Thugs tore doors off stores, busted down doors and brawled in the Brooklyn streets.

The shoes retail for $180 and there were limited supplies. Powderkeg!

According to the Indy Star this morning:

Certain stores at Lafayette Square Mall on the Northwestside were forced to close their doors shortly after opening at 7 a.m. because of mayhem created by hundreds of shoppers vying to outcompete others to get to the shoes, according to communication on police radio this morning.

Impatient shoppers tore a door off its hinges at Lafayette Square, confirmed Kendale Adams, a spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Posted: Overnight

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “This is what Michael Jordan does to us. Brooklyn 86th & 4th.”

Climax of Video: Did that guy really just KO two homeboys in one street brawl?

Conclusion: It’s all over this…..

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