Here’s Green Bay Packers Tight Ends’ Christmas Card [Photos]


We wouldn’t bother to post this, unless it was awesome.

Unlike most NFL teams, who have two or three tight ends, the Green Bay Packers have five. They used to stockpile useless dudes who played fullback, which is more or less an antiquated position in the NFL, but this year, they’ve decided to stockpile those guys at tight end.

The Packers have their stud, Jermichael Finley. They have former Penn State star Andrew Quarless, last year’s Mackey winner D.J. Williams, lovable underdog and blocker extraordinaire Tom Crabtree, and rookie special teams ace Ryan Taylor.

It’s not that these guys don’t belong on an NFL roster, it’s just… who keeps five tight ends?

So what did these cats do with their spare time this week? They bought the ugliest Christmas sweaters they could find, got together at Crabtree’s place and shot a photo as a joke. Once they realized just how awesome it was, they decided to make it a Christmas card, which they sent to the team’s staff.

And yes, it does say, “From our tight ends to yours.”

We’re pretty sure this was all Crabtree’s idea because he’s pretty much an all-around nutjob. If you don’t believe us, follow him on Twitter — he’s easily one of the must-follow NFL players.

And I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, why do Williams, Finley and Quarless have hats on and Crabtree and Taylor don’t? We’ll leave that one to Tom, who provides the perfect answer.

Had our hair slicked back with gel.

Of course you did.

[Tom Crabtree Twitter] [From Our Tight Ends To Yours]

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