Did Bernie Kosar Go & Get Engaged To Longaberger Fortune? [PHOTOS]

What a year it has been for Bernie Kosar. We dug through piles of porn videos to finally bust the case of Lexxi Silver, who just happened to be Bernie’s oldest daughter. She released two porn flicks during 2011 and then went silent. Now we get back on the Bernie case with this weird photo from the Tami Longaberger holiday party at her house a couple weeks back. Yes, that Longaberger family. She’s loaded & has been with Bernie for a couple years now.

BC editors thumbed through hundreds of Tami’s photos over the last 12 months and the photo above, uploaded to Facebook December 5 was the first time we saw her wearing a piece on her ring finger. Having consulted Mrs. Busted, we seem to believe that a woman with decency would not put a ring on that finger unless she was engaged or married.

In 2010, Bernie addressed relationship rumors to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kosar is starting over.

He’s dating Tami Longaberger, the CEO of The Longaberger Co. of Newark, Ohio. It’s nationally known for its handmade, quality baskets and enthusiastic, Avon-like sales force. Longaberger is publishing a business book called “Weaving Dreams” this month, and she has been on the board of trustees at Ohio State.

“The rumor is we’re engaged,” said Kosar. “I act like we’re married. Just say that we’re good friends. Her impact on me is phenomenal. She is an amazing person.”

What’s the big deal? An engagement to Longaberger would be the best thing to possibly ever happen to Kosar, sans a couple AFC Championship games. Why? Because Tami has the reigns to the Longaberger fortune and is selling this $15,000,000 mansion.

How wealthy is Longaberger? Numbers aren’t disclosed but let’s just say she’s the CEO & president of the company which had revenues of $1 billion in 2000.

Bernie has pretty much lost everything he ever owned but maybe, just maybe this guy finally did something right and Tami agreed to marry his ass. Or maybe Tami just thought wearing a ring that night would be interesting and it means absolutely nothing. Such would be Bernie’s luck.

Stay tuned.

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