Walt Frazier Shoving His Meat In Kate Upton’s Face At Knicks-Nets [PHOTOS]


Not sure what the hell was going on last night at the Knicks-Nets preseason tilt but we now have photos of Kate Upton and Walt Frazier promoting Daily Burger’s (must be famous MSG burgers). So many ways to go with this one. The original thought was ‘Kate Upton Now Dating Walt Frazier – WTF?’ or ‘Creepy Dude About To Eat Kate Upton.’ Kudos to the marketing genius who was able to get Upton on the day she killed the Internet. Let’s be honest, best promo shoot of the year.

So who’s the creepy dude? That’s Drew Nieporent! Dude runs Nobu and a bunch of other restaurants you’ll never eat at. Going to a Knicks game this year? Enjoy your $15 burgers.

*Oddly enough, not a single tweet from Upton at the game. Her friend Lizzy did, though.

[Daily Burger – NY Times]  [@KateUpton]

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