Pussification Of Soccer: Goalie Can’t Curb Stomp Hooligans? [VIDEO]

Soccer dorks around the world are abuzz this morning with news of a Dutch soccer match gone wild when some drunk fool ran onto the pitch and decided to attack AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado. What would your reaction be? Of course you’d proceed to kick the sh*t out of the hooligan, right? Alvarado tried to do exactly that and was promptly given a red card by the asshole ref.

Something about Alvarado going back for seconds. We just can’t support this sport.

Posted: Sometime while we were sleeping

Premise of Video: Goalie attacked. Goalie defends himself. Asshole ref sends off goalie for doing what any smart human would have done.

Climax of Video: Alvarado literally thinks someone is trying to kill him and the ref puts up the red card.

Conclusion: And you thought Canadians were a bunch of pussies. The Dutch soccer league has plenty of explaining to do.

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