Playboy’s Miss January Heather Knox Would Take Tim Tebow’s Virginity? [PHOTOS]


True story: Heather Knox wanted to be in Playboy so bad that she broke the law.

“When I was 18 or 19, I snuck into an over-21 club (in Indianapolis) where Playboy was throwing a party,” Knox said. “I hoped to be recognized or discovered by a scout or something, but it didn’t happen.”

Not then, anyway. Today, the 26-year-old Knox is Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for January in the January/February issue of the men’s magazine currently on newsstands. She was discovered at a casting call in Columbus, Ohio last fall.

The Indianapolis native/Colts fan talked to Busted Coverage about her dream guest list for Playboy’s Super Bowl party, Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning and how to get her to Tweet nude pictures to you.

BC: Tell us about the Playboy experience thus far. Is this the first time you have posed naked?

“Yes. I have posed in a bikini before, but never nude. The whole experience has been amazing. Better than I ever imagined.”

BC: Playboy usually has a Super Bowl party at the host city, which happens to be your hometown of Indianapolis. We’re assuming you’ll be at the party. Give us three people that would make your ideal guest list.

“First: I’ve been on this big Tim Tebow kick and I think he’s a hottie, so I’d invite Tim Tebow.…Hmmm. Who else?…I like Kim Kardashian, and I think she’d be someone people would want to see there. And third, well, I am in the magazine with Lindsay Lohan (on the cover), so that would be great to have someone else who’s in the magazine at the party.”

BC: What is it about Tim Tebow that attracts you? Is it that he seems so chaste that he’d be a challenge?

Maybe. It’s only been recently that I have heard much about him outside of football. I knew that he was good-looking, so looks are what I noticed first. Then, I have heard about the prayer thing and his religious beliefs. Only yesterday, I was told he could possibly be a virgin, and that’s exciting and a little forbidden, I guess.

BC: So, are you publicly offering to take his V-card? Would you want to do that?

“(Laughs) Well…  I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to do that. How about that?”

BC: You are an Indianapolis Colts fan. Is the team aware that a current Playmate of the Month is such a big fan? Has (Colts owner and CEO) Jim Irsay tweeted about you yet? Do you follow him on Twitter?

“I do not follow him, but I probably should start doing that right now. I have no idea if they know. Maybe I’ll send them a pic in a few hours.” (Follow Heather Knox on Twitter: @MissFortKnox)

BC: Stanford’s Andrew Luck: Are you taking him with the first overall draft pick, if you’re the Colts?

“Yes. Absolutely. Even though Peyton Manning might be here next year, we (the Colts) should take him. He’d be better than what we’ve had this year. We haven’t had any luck with our back-up quarterbacks.”

BC: You used to work at a sports bar. Hitting on hot female servers is a male ritual. What approach worked with you?

“Guys think that pretty girls get hit on a lot, but I can say I never got hit on that much. I don’t know if guys were intimidated or shy or what. I’m a pretty forward girl, though. If I see someone who I want to talk to, I make the first move.”

BC: Which guy are you more interested in: A dude who’s in great shape and not much of a football fan or a guy who’s 20 pounds overweight but a huge football fanatic?

“I’d take the good-looking guy. I can always teach him about football.”

BC: It’s holiday time. What’s on your wish list?

“I know it’s crazy, but I need a new vacuum. I just got a new puppy, and I need something to help clean up her messes.”

BC: That’s not very sexy. You mean like a Dyson?

“Yes. Those are very expensive. So that and – this is a shoe brand – Christian Louboutins. They’re heels. They are the ones with the red bottoms.”

BC: If a BustedCoverage reader sends you those things, will you tweet them a pic?

Yes. I’d send them one of me cleaning while wearing Louboutins.

BC: And nothing else?

“Sure. Why not? I think I’d be able to strategically place the vacuum well enough to take that photo and send it.”

Heather Knox is Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for January 2012 . See her in the magazine’s January/February issue currently on newsstands or at Additional photos are available at Follow Heather Knox on Twitter: @MissFortKnox and fan her on Facebook at

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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